Policies & Requirements for contributors

Governed by MayBrook Flair as a Publisher.

Based on the policies & requirements for contributors: Artwork Submission.

  • Age requirement: for minors, adult supervision to be able to use this website hence by agreeing to these terms and conditions you concede and acknowledge that you are at least (18) years of age/under an adult supervisory.
  • By submitting your Arts related content to our pages for consideration for posting on our website you, therefore, confirm the rights and responsibilities that you have about the content and hereby grant MayBrook Flair an irrevocable right and license to duplicate, broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the content or to allow MayBrook Flair to grant sublicenses to other third parties to duplicate, broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the content on either mobile platforms, the internet or other media platforms throughout the globe.
  • You give a representation that the content either you’ve created by yourself or have received the legal rights and the authority from the person who created the content to grant MayBrook Flair full and unrestricted rights to the content and that any of our exercises onto such rights will not constitute to any infringement of any copyright, civil, personal or property right of any third party. When you submit your content, it is represented that you have the full authority, permission, and licenses from all copyright holders.
  • Unless stated or agreed otherwise in writing, MayBrook Flair will have no obligation to publish your content. For all the content posted or published on the site, we reserve the right to remove it at our discretion for any reasons whatsoever hence MayBrook flair will give no compensations nor refunds.
  • Therefore, you hereby in an agreement that you will indemnify MayBrook Flair, its employees, officers, and agents against and from any claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses that may arise from any breach of the terms, warranty or conditions of the agreement or from any claims of infringement/alleged infringement arising from your content submission.
  • As an interested party, you may submit content. You should understand that whether or not content is published, MayBrook Flair will not guarantee any confidentiality concerning the content.
  • You understand and are in an agreement that you are solely responsible for your content and the consequences of publishing or posting it. MayBrook Flair as a platform and publisher will not endorse any content or recommendation, advice, or opinion expressed therein hence it expressly disclaims all liabilities in connection with the content.

MayBrook Flair has its values both of awareness, promotion, and entertainment purposes which it asks to be upheld through the policies % requirements for contributors . At times we may define and take responsibility for local content generated which are in line with our agenda. E.g., contests, social service generally in matters laid by it. MayBrook Flair functions as an independent platform. For both third-party users, and employees of companies associated or employed by MayBrook Flair-related or own companies.

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