Artworks Submission

Submission of Artworks.

NB: All artworks submissions through email:


1. Share your Instagram + Full name.

        – IG handle where your art is shared.

2. Share 2 pieces, in Png form of the artworks (Images).

3. I) Include artwork details:


        -Description (The story/Inspiration/Message behind the art).

4. Include artist Location (Where you are based at).

5. Include your Artist Biography, Statement & Portfolio – (4-6 pieces).

For matters of clarity and effectiveness, we hereby stipulate these guidelines to aid in creating your own.

This entails insight into an artist’s work and information about how it came about.

A) Artistry story
B) Intent & Purpose of your Art
C) Your Audience
D) Context of your work;
I. Artistic Process
II. Techniques, influences & sources of inspiration
III. Materials you work with

This entails a summary of significant facts about your career.

A) Your name
B) Where you work
C) When did you first become interested in Art
D) Exhibitions/Awards/Any other professional achievements

Whether Series/individual pieces, both are welcomed.

Submissions Rate

Image requirements:

1. Share several different artworks (2 pieces).

2. Share high-quality images.

3. Do not add any borders or watermarks.


A. IG handle & Name.

We have the artists’ accounts linked and acknowledge the artist by name in the post.

B. 3 pieces Png:

It highlights the versatility of the artist as different pieces depict different messages/stories.

C. Artwork details:

Title and description enable all who interact with the pieces to understand and relate to the art in depth.

We strive to enhance the awareness of the arts through story telling as a mechanism.

D. Location:

We have the location linked to each post.

All who will interact with the artworks will be able to know where the artist originates from/based at/the nation they represent.

E. Artist Biography, Statement & Portfolio:

4-6 pieces to include in your artist portfolio. (Title & Details).

They describe broadly who the artist is, their style, diverse works, the medium they work with, the artist’s inspiration & what he/she stands for.

What we do:

1. Link posts with the respective artist’s account.

2. Link posts with the artists location.

3. Link posts with the other featured artists’ works.

4. Acknowledge artists by name on each featured post.

NB: At our company, we actively search for and feature artwork that aligns with the message being conveyed. Our vision and values are centered on promoting arts awareness and community development, while also educating the public about the issues that emerge from the stories behind the artworks. Our team works tirelessly to achieve these goals by showcasing relevant artwork and fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts within our community.


1. Submission short of the stated requirements will have no acceptance.

2. If your work is accepted, you reserve us the right to share the images (Stories & Posts).

3. Through submission of your work, you agree that you are the executive legal owner and sole of all rights & titles i.e. Copyrights & Trademarks.

4. @Maybrook Flair will not be held responsible for the user’s abuse or theft of intellectual property.

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