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MayBrook Flair is a devoted community of individuals who have a deep appreciation for exceptional art and are committed to promoting and sharing it with the world. As a global creative publishing community, we aim to not only showcase visually stunning artwork but also to provide insightful content that delves into the stories behind the pieces, educating the public about the issues that arise. We use various mediums, such as our website and social media platforms, to raise awareness about the artists we feature and their work. Our goal is to celebrate the bravery of these artists who choose to share their work with the world and elevate the art form as a whole. Join us in demonstrating how essential art is to our humanity. Artwork Submission.

Africa today.

Africa today is notorious for corruption, political instability, poverty, economic imbalance, human trafficking, and drug abuse.

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time, clock, hour

Gift of time.

I will not be fearful or worry about what tomorrow will bring because all I have in this gift box is a time that says, “NOW IS ALL I HAVE”.

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Jesse Josh Goje.

Jesse Joshua Goje also known as Jesse Josh is a multidisciplinary artist who was born on the 6th of March 1989 in Kaduna state Nigeria.

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